In 2016, I did some serial travelling, both for work and leisure 😀

Khandala, Pune, Delhi, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and all the way to Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA…I loved it and each time I came back and unpacked, I was ready to pack again.

Travelling to a new place has the potential to make one forget their base life. Exploring new cultures, landscapes, cuisines can broaden the horizons of the human mind.

One day (a few months into 2016) I had this feeling that I did not want my travels to be momentary highs to help me escape the mundane and forget the web of games (waiting for my attention in my home territory). I began seeing how even though I was having deep conversations and experiences while on my travels, I was not always giving myself enough time to fully process and integrate all my diverse experiences into my general life. Just like the mind has a tendency to jump from one thought to the other, I was jumping from one place to the other. That was a fun thing to see about myself. I began to realise that it was not about a bucket list or about how many places I put a flag on that actually mattered to me. My heart’s truest desire was to be warmed in an encounter and for my mind to be expanded by the end of it.

So I began setting intentions, to be guided to travel to places that would be perfect for my destiny path. The magic that unfolded then on blew my mind…(to be continued in another post)

As a practice I started maintaining a journal while on my travels, where I could put down my inspirations, my learnings, my thoughts and my feelings. That way I could go back to it all when I got home and I could integrate the expanded version of me in my local daily life. Otherwise there were times when I would be disciplined or at a heightened awareness while in another country, or at a retreat but coming back home meant ‘back to old ways’ (sleep mode aka default mode) So it became important to me to bring back the expansion home! From Rotterdam, I brought back the version of me that fell in love with handwork and helped create wooden blocks at my NGO, here in Mumbai. From Dornach, I brought back ideas of responsible waste management and have started to implement them in my life. In general, I came back inspired by the clarity and the directness that people exhibited in everyday Switzerland and Germany and it has helped me be more mindful of the power of my word.

The meaning of travel has changed for me today, it means meeting new versions of myself while traversing lands that destiny guides me to traverse. It means an opportunity to expand my abilities through learning new languages, challenging my beliefs by accepting the different ways people choose to exist in the world, it means to love unconditionally and truly experience ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (a Sanskrit phrase which means “the world is one family”).

Happy Travels y’all!