Oracle Card Reading Sessions,
My deck of amazing cards becomes a tool to share and reflect that which is perfect for your highest personal good and joy.

Healing Sessions,
A space to learn, deepen, step into & embody the wholeness of who you are by learning to let go off that which is no longer serving you.

A space to be introduced to and practice embodying certain concept. For instance we could talk about or work to understand the law of vacuum, heart centered communication, stepping out of the victim mindset into an empowered mind state etc.

All of the above are offered in person / over an audio or video call.

I recommend scheduling a 15 min consultation call, if you have not worked with me before or in a period of the past 6 months (the purpose of this call is to establish clarity, direction and terms of exchange)

Pre-requisite for all sessions is 48 hours of sobriety.
You can send in your request here