Every encounter in life is an opportunity for romance. We could romance the trees, the bees, the stars, the entire world if we choose to. (Did I not mention humans ? :p Of course! We can romance humans too ;))

What is romance?

Romance in the dictionary means, a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. (one of the definitions)

So what does it mean to romance the world then?

When we are love (not when we feel love) we can experience the enthusiasm and the quest life has to offer. Life and it’s many mysteries are always awaiting to be played with. We can play with the mysteries of dreams becoming a reality, of faith, of evolution, of rebirth, of matter, of space, of time or anything else. And yet, no matter how much we play, there will always be more to uncover and romanticise (be excited about, unlock, discover and love), it’s The Law of Eternal Unfulfillment!

‘The Law Of Eternal Unfulfillment states that there never can be completion or fulfillment in any moment. For if there were, there would be no further movement; and as each moment contains within itself all that is essential for that moment, so also each moment contains within itself an emptiness, an unfulfillment that is essential and necessary to lead into the next moment.
The Law Of Eternal Unfulfillment states that every moment has something missing and is incomplete, and every moment has something that is present, total and complete; and when one accepts this Law of Eternal Unfulfillment, the greed-creating obsession to be fulfilled will ceased to be.’

Excerpt from the Book: The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness.

But when one is present in the moment of encounter, awake to the truth of what that moment calls forth, then one somehow knows the exact next step in the dance. One knows what is satiated and complete in the moment and what the next question leading to the next moment is. The state of Love being the constant in the transition from one moment to another.

What does being present mean?

To me, being present is when one can witness what is happening inside and outside alike, with no lag caused by a past thought, judgement or future concern. It is when the past and the future meet in the moment of being. We are present when we are not thinking of what to say or do next. We are outside of present time, when we are either in the past or in the future or somewhere else altogether.

So on that note, here’s wishing everyone greater presence in life, being in love and romancing all that is!