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I sense

Streaming into this body from somewhere beyond, my highest version guides me to play above right and wrong It’s the alignment that gives me strength and the knowing, a feeling of being secure at home and yet the absolute feeling… Continue reading →

Meet Ritika

My Friend: Meet Ritika, she is a healer and a spiritual coach Me: I’m also a Teacher My friend: Yes yes, she is also a Teacher Me: And I’m a Social Entrepreneur too My friend: Oh yes! She is a… Continue reading →

Why can’t I feel your love ?

“Why can’t I feel your love?” she asked *Silence* “Why don’t you have time for me?” she complained *No response* “What’s the point of our relationship if you cannot even love me right ?” she said *Whisper* “Baby can I… Continue reading →

Jamming with all that is

One day post midnight I decided to step out for a walking meditation in my building complex… I’ve taken a walk several times through the sames tracks surrounded by gorgeous trees and bushes..but this day was different This day I… Continue reading →


Once upon a time, 2 choices would knock with great regularity and punctuality at my door Choice 1 would be… To let my heart’s truest desires take flight on the wings of possibility and inspired action Choice 2 would be…… Continue reading →

A question and an answer

What is a question ? A quest one is willing to go on I suppose or A level of truth one is asking to behold A cry from the soul to unite with what the spirit knows or Simply the… Continue reading →


Back then I believed I wasn’t cause enough I believed my hands were in an invisible handcuff The forces of destiny and karma were beyond my reach I couldn’t always practice what I could preach   A passionate orator I… Continue reading →

Romance and the law of eternal unfulifullment

Every encounter in life is an opportunity for romance. We could romance the trees, the bees, the stars, the entire world if we choose to. (Did I not mention humans ? :p Of course! We can romance humans too ;))… Continue reading →

Future friendly food

One morning, on my travels in Europe, me and my friend had stepped out to find me vegan lunch. We were about to go to a place we had found online and just then our eyes stalled on a board… Continue reading →

Travelling vs distracting the mind…

In 2016, I did some serial travelling, both for work and leisure 😀 Khandala, Pune, Delhi, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and all the way to Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA…I loved it and each time I… Continue reading →

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