One day post midnight I decided to step out for a walking meditation in my building complex… I’ve taken a walk several times through the sames tracks surrounded by gorgeous trees and bushes..but this day was different

This day I had comitted to being in silent observation of that which would cross my path

And as I began to walk..I heard the sounds of life…

The sound of dried leaves taking their solo flight downwards from the tree, becoming one with earth
The sound of a snail making it’s way across distances that are rarely measured in time
The sound of the cat wide awake, playing chase with the mouse amidst old potted plants
The sound of dew swelling and dripping from the edge of one tender leaf onto another
The sound of the occasional bat, swooping across in search of a spot away from the street lamps
The sound of the Hibiscus buds dangling in the midnight breeze, awaiting the sun’s first ray
The sound of the spider’s stillness on its own exquisite and intricately woven web

And then suddenly,

Among all these sounds, I heard the sound of my own footsteps traversing ground and that brought me back from being an observer into a moment of reflection

I thought to myself how each sound that I had allowed to deeply touch me, seemed to have unlocked a new understanding of stillness, of movement, of flow, of flight in me

Now I understand a little, just a little more about ways of sharing my own true notes… sometimes overlaying and other times filling spaces in the beats of the orchestra called life

Whether I share my music in splendour or timidly, I realised I am holding space, just like the snail and the Hibiscus, adding to a harmony that echoes into the nooks and crannies of eternity


Now I’ve committed to listening more intently to life… so that when I jam with all of existence, my sounds may contribute to the music and not create a cacophony! (nothing against cacophonies, they can be fun.. just that I prefer music :))