Ego is not the one we must deny,
hold captive, restrain, control or tie.

Yes it has been defamed and bad named,
looked down upon and been shamed.

Ego is the I, the sense of self one needs in order to fly,
It is the individuality exclaimed when we say ‘my’

The problem is not the ego or the I…

It is the lack of ennobling of it that weaves a lie,
the maya, the illusion, that leaves us dry.

When a fully developed ‘I’ is ennobled by the spirit,
it reverberates harmoniously and each one can hear it.

That is the difference between…

Sound and music,
between existence and presence.

Between being alive,
and living to thrive.

Between simple art,
and a creation from the heart (in a blink the spirit can tell this apart).

So I’m choosing to ennoble my ‘I’ with every choice I make,
I understand it is a game of how much responsibility I take.

The more I am accepting that I am the creator and the source,
the more I am beginning to see the shift in my life’s course.

The knots are detangling gracefully now,
support and guidance is flowing right from above.

I am grateful for this Journey and the fact that I chose all this,
I am that I am and I am living my bliss.


Photo credit: Two Fireflies – One Camera (Clicked by my darling Priyam Datta)