One morning, on my travels in Europe, me and my friend had stepped out to find me vegan lunch. We were about to go to a place we had found online and just then our eyes stalled on a board that read ‘Organic Boho’, right across the street. We felt intrigued and decided to walk into this little restaurant on one of the main streets in Copenhagen. The description of the place said ‘We make future friendly food’ 🙂

I looked up at a chalkboard menu on the wall and it had sentences like ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am magical’, ‘I feel calm’ etc. To my surprise, those were names of delicacies being served there. Out of sheer curiosity, I started to chat with Karina (the owner).

I asked her how she thought of starting ‘Organic Boho’?  She expressed that for a very long time she had been cooking and eating healthy. As life happened, she had a growing urge to serve the world with her gift of therapeutic cooking. She followed her call, took the risks and that’s how ‘Organic Boho’ was born.

Their ‘Magic Mantra Menu’ has a beautiful intention behind it. She shared how saying these words even just once a day can have a positive impact on one’s mind and body. She also described that often she has customers, who simply point to the item they want but never say the sentence out loud. Then, she playfully asks them to say the sentence out loud, almost as if she were trying to verify their order (hehe). It sounded like these customers find the sentences quite challenging to speak (I pondered, why would one find it hard to say- I am beautiful or I am magic or I am calm? I realised that it is indeed difficult for a lot of people to say that to themselves. We cannot go into the why’s here). On the other hand every now and then there are also other customers who walk in and are truly grateful for the intention and the overall experience, mentioned Karina.

Karina came across as quite a free spirited person. Her intent of providing food for the body and soul was reflected in the service she provided. The food was not only beautiful to look at but was satiating in every way. It was art. (I recommend visiting, if you are ever in Copenhagen).

I left feeling inspired. It was incredible to see how one could positively impact the world through little things one puts pure heart and thought into.

P.S.: She served food in plastic that was made out of plant based substances, comparatively much quicker to degrade than normal plastic. She is constantly trying to innovate and do her best. I hope her story can inspire many more to sprinkle some consciousness in the process of serving and intaking of food.

You can find out more about Karina’s venture at