Back then I believed I wasn’t cause enough

I believed my hands were in an invisible handcuff

The forces of destiny and karma were beyond my reach

I couldn’t always practice what I could preach


A passionate orator I was no doubt

Lists of ‘what’s wrong with the world’ often left my mouth

An extremely dedicated changemaker for sure

To change the entire world was my very cure


Well, that was nevertheless a reasonable start

To acknowledge what’s disonant is an important part

I tried to change the world for a decade, then realised

There’s more than just that meets my physical eye


Not that my consistent efforts brought no change

But to clearly understand the ripples of an action was a different game

Acknowledging ‘we are all one’ intellectually was one thing

But consciously creating from that understanding had a whole different zing


As I lived on, I learnt about the universal laws

By now it was time to step out of my auto-mode and pause

The laws were always governing everything, ready to be seen

Awaiting my presence to understand what they mean


Little by little I chose to see more

Commitment and willingness became the key through the door

As more was shown to me, I stopped to integrate

I noticed by now, I had become more optimistic about fate


A magnificent paradox- freewill and fate

Bare a connection with the level of responsibility one does take

Hidden forces when unravelled and brought into the light

Free a human being to create and extend his might


I understood, there will always be something hidden and something revealed

For this game couldn’t be eternal if nothing was left concealed

Change for this world is still in my heart and on my mind

However, now the change is of a very different kind


Now I see myself being more of a facilitator

Not doing things for others but being an enabler

Creating out of freedom and pure inspiration

So the journey and the destination may both bring elation


When I make mistakes, I just ask what I missed seeing?

With grace and ease I incorporate that into my being

So I develop new perspectives the more intently I play

I become a better version of me each day!


Photo credit : Priyam Datta