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December 2018

I sense

Streaming into this body from somewhere beyond, my highest version guides me to play above right and wrong It’s the alignment that gives me strength and the knowing, a feeling of being secure at home and yet the absolute feeling… Continue reading →

Meet Ritika

My Friend: Meet Ritika, she is a healer and a spiritual coach Me: I’m also a Teacher My friend: Yes yes, she is also a Teacher Me: And I’m a Social Entrepreneur too My friend: Oh yes! She is a… Continue reading →

Why can’t I feel your love ?

“Why can’t I feel your love?” she asked *Silence* “Why don’t you have time for me?” she complained *No response* “What’s the point of our relationship if you cannot even love me right ?” she said *Whisper* “Baby can I… Continue reading →

Jamming with all that is

One day post midnight I decided to step out for a walking meditation in my building complex… I’ve taken a walk several times through the sames tracks surrounded by gorgeous trees and bushes..but this day was different This day I… Continue reading →


Once upon a time, 2 choices would knock with great regularity and punctuality at my door Choice 1 would be… To let my heart’s truest desires take flight on the wings of possibility and inspired action Choice 2 would be…… Continue reading →

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